What Features Are Coming to the Upcoming iPhone?

So, what features are coming to the Upcoming iPhone? 5G, an Always-on display, LTPS OLED displays, and 8GB of RAM, just to name a few. It’s not a full list, but here are a few possibilities. If you have any of these features, let us know in the comments. Hopefully, we’ll get to see them in the upcoming iPhone. After all, we want to see a big leap in performance, not just incremental upgrades.


Apple has announced plans to field a 5G iPhone across all models starting next year. The company anticipates the standard to be widely available in 2023. This move fits with industry expectations and suggests the faster 5G+ and 5Guw standards will see wider adoption. In the meantime, wait for the 5G iPhone price to fall to a more affordable level. Until then, you may be tempted to pick up a 4G model.

While the iPhone’s UI may not look like a traditional cell phone, it does show a 5G status bar. It’s not always clear which service is supported, as AT&T and Verizon have a different approach. The fiveG+ indicator, on the other hand, indicates high-speed service, while the 5G UW signal signifies mid-band service. However, the Apple 5G iPhone does not support mmWave.

Always on display

Apple’s new iOS 16 lays the groundwork for an always on display iPhone. The new Lock Screen widgets are perfect for this display mode. The underlying code also confirms that the feature is indeed in the works. Apple isn’t rushing this feature to market, but it will definitely be available for future models. Until it hits the market, expect this new feature to only be available in the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

If the feature is coming to the iPhone, it will probably be limited to the iPhone 14 Pro Max. There’s no sign that standard iPhone 14 models will get the ProMotion display. Then again, Apple is notorious for releasing updates to its devices all the time, so it’s possible that iOS 16 will have Always-on support in the future. However, until then, it’s hard to know how widespread the feature will be.

LTPS OLED displays

LTPS OLED displays on the iPhone are the future of mobile display technology. Apple developed the technology to combine LTPS TFTs and Oxide TFTs for variable refresh rates, while providing up to 15% more power efficiency. The technology is widely used in mobile devices, high-end smartphones, and tablets. DSCC recently compared production costs for OLED displays and mini-LED panels used in IT. The comparison also estimates the cost of producing tandem structures for notebooks and rigid substrates for tablets.

LG Display has secured a large order from Apple for LTPS TFT OLED panels, even if it is a relatively low volume. The deal will give LG Display a competitive advantage over Chinese rival BOE, which has been working on LTPO TFT technology but has not yet begun commercial production. Several Chinese companies have provided LTPS TFT OLED panels to the iPhone, but Apple’s decision is the last word in this battle.

8GB of RAM

Rumors are swirling that Apple will be adding 8GB of RAM to the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro. It would be the most RAM an iPhone has ever had. The iPhone 13 lineup has 6GB of RAM while the cheaper models only have 4GB of RAM. While the latest iPhones are known to have high amounts of RAM, there’s no guarantee that the new models will have the same amount. Apple is known to prioritize the next release of its flagship devices.

In the meantime, reports suggest that Apple could be packing up to 8GB of RAM into the iPhone 14 Pro line. This would be the highest RAM capacity ever in an iPhone. Sources cited in a South Korean blog reportedly confirmed that the RAM components for the new phone have been confirmed and that mass production is underway. It’s too soon to tell if the rumor is accurate, but it’s worth checking out.

Pill-shaped design

Apple’s new iPhone design might be a notch-less pill shaped model. Some analysts believe the iPhone will have a hole-punch design, while others think the notch will be replaced by a pill-shaped cutout. It’s hard to say which design will win out, but the idea has a lot of merit. The hole-punch design is already seen on many Android phones, and Apple could also opt for a pill-shaped design.

The rumored iPhone 14 has been the subject of numerous rumors in recent months. One alleged schematic image of the new phone has revealed a circular cutout and pill-shaped design. The schematic image shows the actual size of the rumored pill-shaped and circular cutout. The iPhone 14 is expected to launch in September, with the iPhone Pro Max following a few months later. After that, it’s expected to phase out its iPhone model line in 2023.

Upgraded A-series chip

Unless Apple plans to unveil a new iPhone in September, there is no immediate indication on what the A-series chip will be. However, Apple has never been on a hiring spree when it comes to silicon engineers. If anything, Kuo’s report points to a possible overlap with the teams that are developing chip designs for the Apple Watch. Assuming that the A-series chip is indeed the same as what is currently in the Series 6 Apple Watches, the S8 is expected to match that of the 2021 Apple Watch.

Moreover, the iPhone 14 entry-level model won’t get an upgrade. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is likely to keep the same A15 bionic chip in the regular iPhone 14 and the iPhone Pro. This could be a result of supply difficulties. The A16 chip would also only be found on the iPhone Pro models. In the event that Apple does decide to upgrade the chip in the entry-level iPhone 14, it could be a sign of a new design direction for Apple.